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3 Things To Know About Buying A Mobile Home

28 July 2021
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If you want to own your own home, you might consider buying a mobile home. A mobile home is a house, but it is not the same as a stick-built home. It is a house that a company manufactured in a factory and delivered to the property it is on. You can buy used or new mobile homes, but there are several things you should know before you start looking for one. Read More …

Making Your Home Search Easier

14 July 2021
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Finding the perfect forever home is a fun task but also a daunting one. You can't visit every available house in a particular neighborhood, and if you're going to be paying a mortgage for years, you need to know that the house you ultimately choose is the right one for the needs of your family. How can you make a home search easier for yourself? 1 Make a List Instead of going wide-eyed into homes in the town you'd like to live in, start with your own list of needs. Read More …

Tips For Real Estate Investors Searching For Home Seller Leads

29 June 2021
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The first stage of investing in real estate is generating some leads. Investors need to see who is selling and where. If you invest in real estate for a living and want to succeed with searching for these leads, take a look at this guide. Make Sure Sellers are Motivated It would be very wasteful to look at home seller leads when the sellers themselves aren't motivated to sell. That's going to delay you buying real estate quickly because you may have to work harder to get potential sellers interested in your offers. Read More …

Looking At Homes For Sale? What Buyers Need To Know About Contingency Clauses

15 June 2021
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Many prospective buyers make purchase offers on a home even though they know little about the property. The knowledge they do have is likely to have come from spending a few minutes viewing the property along with the information from the multiple listing service (MLS) provided by the listing agent and the seller's disclosure documents.  Fortunately, prospective buyers can choose to include one or more contingencies when making their offer to help protect their interests. Read More …

4 Different Types of Offices You Can Invest In

27 May 2021
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When it comes to commercial real estate, there are lots of different categories of real estate you can invest in. One overarching category you can invest in is office buildings. Office buildings can be broken up into several different categories. Central Business District (CBD) The central business district refers to buildings located in high-density development areas situated in the heart of the city's business or financial district. CBD buildings are usually either high-rises or mid-rise buildings. Read More …