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Understanding The Right Of First Refusal In Real Estate Transactions

10 December 2019
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In real estate, a right of first refusal means someone is entitled to the first option to buy a house before the house is put on the market for other potential buyers. The house only goes up for sale in the open market if the party with the right of first refusal declines the purchase. Usage A right of first refusal can be beneficial in many situations. Below are some of the common cases in which it applies. Read More …

Top Features to Ignore When Looking at Homes for Sale

14 November 2019
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Some homes that are listed for sale are very easy to view and evaluate, but there are other homes that can be distracting in nature. If you are looking for a home to buy, one good tip to consider is to learn what you should ignore when you view any home that is for sale. Ignoring certain features is important to do in this process, and here are some of the main things that you should prepare yourself to ignore as you attend home viewings. Read More …

Important Rental Property Ownership Tips

13 November 2019
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Rental property ownership is a good way to build property equity and bring you cash flow while you save for retirement. The following are some tips to help you become a great property investor and rental property owner to invest in your future. Look For Cash Flow Before you can be an investment property owner, you need to find a property that is going to work well as a rental. A good rental is one that brings in more cash flow than its expenses. Read More …

Insight To Help You Consider Options For Your Vacant Property

28 October 2019
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Real estate ownership provides a great way for you to realize the many tax benefits and also the ability to provide you a rental income. So, when you have a newly-vacant property that you yourself have moved out of or you have recently purchased the property, there are some options you can look at for turning it into a rental property. Here are some items to consider when you are facing this prospect. Read More …

Buying Your First Piece Of Residential Real Estate

16 October 2019
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Residential real estate properties will need to be evaluated differently than commercial or industrial properties. While this may make sense to new buyers, they can be unprepared for the full range of factors that they should review before buying a property. Appreciate the Importance of the Location Individuals will often assume that the importance of a property's location is mainly influential for those that are looking to buy commercial or industrial property. Read More …