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3 Home Selling Points Your Real Estate Agent Wishes You Understood

10 May 2021
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Do you secretly wish that you could get inside of the mind of the real estate agent who is helping you to sell your property? Below are just three aspects of selling your house that your agent wished that you understood.  The devil is in the details It's understandable for you to feel protective and enamored about your property, especially if you've invested money into remodeling or design projects. But if you have built the cost of your projects into your sales price and if you're hoping for a premium sale, then your prospects are going to expect everything to be perfect. Read More …

4 Requirements For Selling Your Home In Any Market

12 April 2021
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Currently, single-family residential homes are a hot commodity throughout most areas of the nation. While a strong real estate market is good for both homeowners and the economy, it can lead homeowners to make some types of selling mistakes.  If you are preparing to sell your home soon and want to avoid making common selling mistakes, the following information will help ensure that your home is more saleable in any type of market condition. Read More …

4 Tips for Creating a Lakefront Property Listing That Will Sell

26 March 2021
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Lakefront property is generally high in demand, and if you have a nice piece of property and home on a lake with the right listing, you shouldn't have any trouble selling your property. Selling your property quickly depends upon you getting your listing right, though. Tip #1: Stage the Waterfront People often talk about staging the inside of a home to make it appear nicer for listing photos. The same should be done with the waterfront of your home. Read More …

What Could You Do With Extra Acreage?

10 March 2021
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Owning a lot of acreage can be a status symbol, but it can also give you a lot more options for developing your property, living a luxurious lifestyle, or even going off-grid and living off the land. Here are just a few ideas for what you could do with extra acreage, to get the creative juices flowing. Keep livestock One reason you may need plenty of acreage is if you'd like to add a few horses or cows to your property (they need very large living spaces). Read More …

3 Ways In Which Real Estate Agents Make House Hunting Easier

22 February 2021
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Have you been forced to move houses because you found a new job in another state? Perhaps you need to downsize after your kids moved out. House hunting is a job on its own. It consumes time and energy, especially when you're searching for a house in an area you aren't quite familiar with. Here's where real estate agents come in. If you are debating on whether you should bring in a real estate agent to your house hunting plans, here are some valid reasons to move forward with one. Read More …